OpenMPT process remains after exit.

Started by LPChip, January 20, 2010, 22:30:17

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Quote from: jmkzSorry "couple of hours"? hahaha  ;D (i forgot 8))
That is only the cakewalk. For the tightrope walk, try one that lasts for a couple of months! Just a note: If you are walking on a tightrope, I am not that I would recommend attempting to jump (recalls Treaterous Tightrope from the Mario Party series (the exact game is not remembered, but it is somewhere after Mario Party 2) (The mind is thinking Mario Party 4, but it has been busy not playing that series for quite some time, so it is at a loss as to which game that mini-game is in)). Nope, I guess I was mistaken. It was not Treaterous Tightrope that I was thinking of. I do not recall the name of the game then. Treaterous Tightrope is apparently in Mario Party 8. Daisy! zzz

Hmmm, I think that I got a tad bit carried away at the end there. Oops

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LPChip, Do you still experience this or is it safe to close this report?
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Good question. I used to notice this because I had this script to make it portable, but ever since you pointed out I could make OpenMPT portable using its settings, I stopped using the script. So I'm not aware if it hangs or not.

If it is up only for my sake, close it. I'd have to investigate to see if it still remains open, but given that this was for an old version, chances are it no longer happens.
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