Author Topic: Modplug Tracker 1.16 Build Error  (Read 8894 times)

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Modplug Tracker 1.16 Build Error
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2010, 19:40:21 »
Hmmm, that is not going to work. So much for the pattern break. It would appear that the rows follow the same weird 65,535 (which is more like 65,472 because I would want the row quantity to be divisible by 64, obviously) rule as the patterns. Although since:

1. I am not exactly sure how I would need to make the increases happen (even though modifying ModSequence.h is said to be easy, though that came from a developer, so that would seem reasonable) and
2. I had read that trying to "fix" this would break the program,

I guess that it would be considered a situation of "keep dreaming, buddy" or "that was wishful thinking."

Hmmm, I am using 65,472 (1,023 × 64) rows now (and 65,535 patterns). That equals 67,042,305. That is a net loss of 65,535 patterns (for that scale), whew. It is, however, a net gain of 66,002,305 patterns from the previous 1,040,000, so I guess that I cannot complain. Hmmm, so much for that. The row thing is simply not working. It is back to 1,024 because I tried saving a song with patterns larger than that, but it did not work.

It also appears that you were correct, Jojo, I tried modifying some of the files to make the limits work, but it was to no avail. I kind of wish that I could use those, but perhaps that will come with time.

OK, this is weird. I opened my song that contains the 65,472 row patterns and it seems to have worked, but when I tried to save it earlier, it did not. Maybe it will have trouble this time. I will see in a little bit though. When I opened another instance of the song, it worked just fine. I will try 65,536 again. And the verdict is (drumrolls):  It does not work (but 65,535 does). Unfortunately, 65,536 is the number that is divisible by 64, not 65,535 :().