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Started by bvanoudtshoorn, September 23, 2009, 09:26:12

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alright, some more color schemes by me.
madtracker 2 platinum is the one i currently use mostly. (with enable effect highlighting option unchecked)

(includes a modification of one of built-in color schemes by jmkz)
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Can't see shit, sir is the best :) , anyway for your trackers based themes collection, found one mine, based on Famitracker.


that "cant see shit sir" color scheme is basically made for fun :P
also some of the color schemes i made are my own original colors, such as "space machinery" which is based on my profile picture (which i made myself)
Flashy was here..


Slava Ukraine !!!


Hello, folks!

I'm David Egan, aka SgtPepperArc360, and I am new to the OpenMPT forum. I've been using OpenMPT for nearly 10 years, which makes me an experienced user.
I made three color schemes for OpenMPT and I think you might really like them!

Futuristic 504 B
A color scheme based on the "Blue" color scheme, but with the "Basic Colors" swatches.

Saturday 552 B
Strongly resembles the "Saturday" color scheme from FamiTracker.

Cyberpunk 594 B
My most recent color scheme.
Similar to my "Futuristic" color scheme, but it actually uses futuristic colors.

The image codes unfortunately don't work.
What do you think?

Saga Musix

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