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[concept/ambient] Slow Tune and Repeater (mp3)
« on: September 12, 2009, 07:38:09 »
For over a year now I have had a site up and running - - which is a web place of an organization which is dedicated to running and supporting the philosophy of long term thinking.

I haven't spoken about it much since the projects were only starting off and there was almost nothing to show. But now several interesting stuff appeared and I can actually say that hopefully in a month or two several more projects will be launched, most of them are not audio.

But the ones I want to present are audio.

The first one is Slow Tune. Inspired by similar projects, Slow Tune is a project to create a tune that will be playing for a vast amount of time - over several hundred years - without repeating itself. Slow Tune itself is planned to be incorporated into installations which we want to create all over the world and then link those installations into one composition, so that each installation will be a part of one whole. All installations will be in places which are not that easy to reach apart from one which will be located in one of the large cities.
Anyway, Slow Tune will not be a simplistic project. Similar projects involve using very simple ideas. Slow Tune will use several simple ideas to create a compelling developing vibrant musical composition. 3 Principles-ideas will be behind it and I now have examples of Principle 1 - Phasing.

The second one was actually mentioned a while ago in one of the discussions here, at ModPlug - Repeater.

Hope some of you find this interesting.