Replace Channel VU-Meters with Scopes (w/pics)

Started by nobuyuki, June 06, 2009, 18:06:37

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This one may be self-explanatory....  :?:    :lol:

Edit: Dupe on issue tracker:

Really Weird Person

That definitely looks interesting indeed. That would negate what Jojo was telling me about the need to delete Modplug Tracker and use a wave editor instead (because I would be able to see the wave forms instead of notes and empty patterns) (OK, so perhaps I exaggerated that a little bit, but I do that sometimes, perhaps because I am weird).


Looks nice, but require a bit work, since the vu meter just look at how high the volume is played, from 64 - 0. Not how high is sounds.

Saga Musix

That wouldn't really be a problem. The problem is rather that it won't work with VSTs (although the current implementation could suppport VSTs in theory).
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