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Started by HarD-TeX, November 29, 2005, 17:31:09

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I just wanted to share some amazing sources of soundfonts, dls banks, sfz's and other things that I have found on the internet

My favourite Soundfont is General User GS which is available at and he also has sfz instruments.

Here is Airfont340.dls it is a good workaround for OpenMPT because the percussion loads just fine from dls banks and this one is fairly good, the sf2 version of airfont 340 is below the dls version, there is also airfont 380 in sf2 format at

I have found and interesting Soundfont called ColomboGMGS2 on Musical Artifacts website as well as the Colombo MT32 Soundfont these Soundfonts are also found here at and on the internet Archive at and there are many other Soundfonts on Musical Artifacts as well as some dls sound banks but check license before download

Also check out Dsoundfont at

Also check out Hed Sounds, there are various soundfonts here including an MT32 soundfont and the Aegean Orchestra soundfont at and the Salamander Grand Piano Soundfont at

Don't forget to look at the Virtual playing Orchestra at and Soundfonts4U at

Last but not least check out this website and

Also for some good effect VST plugins look hear at Voxengo


It was such a great pleasure to me that you had found both my GS/XG And MT-32 SoundFont assemblies. So how was they? Hope you are in track with my YouTube channel. I was previously attempting to black the Ludwig's Boogie from the vintage Windows 98 commercial too... ;)


An SF2 I tailored towards OpenMPT is This SoundFont is libre, and the song I wrote is a demo song for it.
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