[DECLINED] MPT Midi connect with "master" an

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), March 22, 2008, 03:01:41

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An interesting feature would be the possiblity to link MPT in MIDI, on the same machine, with a bank application, with MPT as master.

Thus, it would be easier to work with MPT piloting MIDI exclusive applications, like developper's kit MIDI sequencers (Nintendo DS "Nitrosoundmaker"), etc).

I remember doing such a thing 13 years ago on a videogame ("Fade to Black") using an Amiga 1200 with Octamed, connected to Power PC samplers cards and Akai and Roland Samplers. Worked fine ;-) But it was a connexion between different machines.

And what I'm interested in is the possiblity to do such thing between MPT and programs on the SAME machine.

Maybe a VST plug already enables such a fonction ?

Anyone knows ?



Tobybear made plugin called VST2MID and it's part of his midibag suite. The plugin allows a VST host to send midi data to a midi out port.

Apart from that you need something like MIDI Yoke. This gives you MIDI out ports that are re-routed to MIDI in ports.


Very interesting, thanks a lot for the info :-)

levon zoltar

if you got this working, post up!! asap
i´ve allready checkd out vst2midi , got mpt playin my hardware synths
really dope feature... now i would like to sync mpt with acid
and record those synths to separate audio tracks, that would be the bomb!!


I've not tryed yet, so much work before ;-)

As for me, I'd like to pilot "Nitrosoundmaker", the Nintendo DS MIDI exclusive music maker.

Would be terribly more simple if I could manage to do so...

Saga Musix

Going through old requests... älsking basically already outlined the solution: Use OpenMPT's MIDI I/O plugin and something like MIDI Yoke to create a virtual MIDI connection between OpenMPT and any other MIDI-capable application. Writing a virtual MIDI driver really isn't in the scope of the OpenMPT project.
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