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--- Quote from: Saga Musix on January 22, 2019, 16:57:40 ---You will find that happening with many free plugins over the years (the post you are quoting is 13 years old!) and it doesn't make sense to point out every dead link because of that. Generally I would advice against using such old plugins even if you can find a working download link because if they are not maintained anymore, chances are high that they have issues with newer operating systems, hosts or technologies (such as high-DPI screens or 64-bit processors) that will never be fixed.
Try reading this thread back to front rather than front to back as it will be much more likely that you will find working download links that way.

--- End quote ---
Actually, I still use G-Amp Classic up to this very day on Windows 10. In the past I've shared a link when it went offline. I searched the forum and behold, here it is, the link still works: G-Amp Classic

Saga Musix:
Let me clarify my point a bit: If someone starts out making music now, they should be starting with the 64-bit version of OpenMPT (32-bit will die at some point, if you want it or not), and thus if they are just starting out with plugins, I think they should use modern plugins that have a native 64-bit version and that are DPI-aware so that they run well on modern high-DPI screens. The plugin bridge more or less only exists as a temporary solution for people who want to use these kind of plugins that they have grown used to, but in the end there are many disadvantages with this solution (most notably every bridged plugin introduces latency, and the plugin bridge isn't perfectly stable).
Old VST plugins are the main reason why OpenMPT isn't DPI-aware by default and looks blurry on high-DPI screens. I could make it DPI-aware by default but then people would complain about tiny VST UIs. This is also something that will die out eventually, and for newcomers I'd rather like to point them directly at future-proof 64-bit and DPI-aware plugins that most of the time sound just as good as those old plugins (or better).

Ah, that is a very valid point Saga Musix. In fact I had not even considered that 32 bit plugins will go extinct at some point, and I use so many 32 bit plugins.. I have some 64 bit plugins to, but they are in the minority.

Saga Musix:
Random site note: If you have both the 32-bit version and the 64-bit version of a plugin installed, and they are identically-named, OpenMPT will prefer the version that matches the current OpenMPT instance's bitness. This can be useful when you use lots of 32-bit and 64-bit plugins and switch between 32-bit and 64-bit OpenMPT versions for that reason.

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