[electronica] the men of phiter mountain (mp3)

Started by uncloned, August 01, 2009, 04:52:45

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This is a piece using 3 instances of z3ta+ and live percussion from norm harris (from traxinspace).

It is written in the original phiter scale/tuning from Michael S.



Nice scale.
I wondered : is this electronic music or is it just played with electronica ?



Well the genesis of the piece came from trying stuff and then realizing Norm's percussion would marry with this and I arranged around that. The bell was the last addition.

Thanks for the listen and comment.


and genre - a guess at best to be honest most of the time.




I understood that...

another thought - doesn't MUX say that the lines between
I wondered : is this electronic music or is it just played with electronica

are  blurred?


Good question. Thanks for referring to MUX again.
I wrote that manifesto years ago, and it's time, that I re-read it.

But I still know the main issue, so after a thought I must say :
Not blurred, on the contrary, they're sharpened.

I make quite a strong distinction if, for example, someone playing a keyboard is concerned.
Some people are the players of a synthesizer, others play like it's a modern electronic organ.

It's not the instruments that make it electronic music. It's a certain impression.
In MUX it could also be contradictionary. Some sounds appear to me as 'electronic', no matter the power source.
A passing train can be a very fast sequence pattern of sounds.
A group of birds, taking off from the ground, produce a mix of tens of different frequency modulations.
But talking through a classical German flute also can sound 'electronic'.


then... are you really saying

"just non-traditional classical usage of instruments and non-traditional instruments" are MUX?

My reading (and I should read it again also) was that any sound source has become valid and equal - that there was no real distinction of source anymore - it was all usage - and I'd add that tone color has taken an equal foot beside melody, harmony, and rhythm because tone color can now be as easily manipulated as the other aspects of music.


the percussion goes really well with these sounds, the atmosphere is great, i can feel the burning fire smoke, the smell of skinned animals and fresh meat in the air. Nice job, both of you.
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Well, Clones, I must admit you did read it better than I did..