Midi import - beats of doom, timing hell

Started by egalotron, July 10, 2009, 20:30:49

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I on the other hand would recommend a speed of 3 if one previously resaved the .mid with another tempo as I previously recommended (provided it's a 4/4 song and you want a beat to last 16 rows which makes it a hell of a lot easier to work with for someone like me). If you need higher resolution I'd recommend changing the tempo of the song to a half of whatever value you changed it to the last time and then speed it up in the tracker.


Quote from: "Jojo"But yeah, as MIDI is not a pattern-based format, you can't really expect perfect timing or even "aligned" patterns.
oh? :D Try Renoise, perfect timing, even aligned patterns, automation for midi instruments are imported too on every track, just like channel names. They must know something that we don't. :)
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I can buy Renoise, i can get it from rapidshare, or i can get the demo. I've been seriously tempted to make the total switch, but i've developed something of a loyalty to MPT. I know it well, its liimitations and its crooks and crannies, and i have a chance to help its development in a small way.

But as much as i value your input, psishock, i don't think it's helpful to advertise for other trackers in these forums, when we're trying to get this FREE one up to speed.

It's not my intention at all to make you feel unwelcome here -- nothing could be farther than the truth. We want your opinions and your knowledge of MPT and tracking in general, but i for one don't want any of my colleagues even unintentionally reminding me i'm using an "inferior" application. ::)

I know that sounds harsh, but i just think it's inappropriate, or maybe could be said another way. I would never think to keep anyone from saying what they feel; i just think there's a proper time and place to say it.


I don't see this as advertising Renoise. I guess it's just better in handling midi files, I dunno.

Never used the midi section of OMPT, nor will be, so I couldn't care less, but afaik it's still with complications.


That wasn't sounded harsh to me Harbinger, just told me what you have in your heart. I appreciate it, even like that more, rather than keeping everything inside and slowly building up the stress and "hate". Loyalty doesn't really helped me to move forward in most cases, but i do care about people generally, and helping them where i can because of what they are, what they make, or trying to make, not because we share (or not) the favorite preferred host applications. This community is even more special, no matter that i've passed completely to another host for some time now, but i don't think so that i need to prove that.

ompt can be considered "inferior", compared to other applications, because it lacks many features, or the ones that are implemented not functioning "properly". So what if it has weak points? They need to be improved. That is totally normal if you ask me, one shouldn't feel "bad" when hearing about it, also we have only 2 peoples atm developing this software on their hobby/free time, while other ones get a lot more attention, interest, so to speak. OMPT has good sides too, that other host don't have (yet, or will never), it's just the list is fairly smaller.

You never saw me running in threads and shouting: hey everybody, go and phuck ompt, go and buy renoise :D (i do said it once, that you don't even have to buy it, the "demo" is a fully functional program, only .wav render and a few less important functions are disabled. How many features are we "missing" in the full version of ompt compared to it?). I'm trying to bring positive examples with pulling out other hosts/programs, and pointing out stuffs that has been done on them, so we can learn from them, possibly remake the good features, that will help us and make composing more sophisticated. I'm not a programmer, so cannot help more than pointing out stuff that i really like, or what needs to be (or could be at least) fixed, improved from my point of view.

In this example, Jojo told that aligned pattern structure and accurate timing cannot really be expected anywhere, because of two very different ways. I was trying to deny that with a working counter-example. Don't mind the "childish", "show-off" contexts sometimes, we're always having fun while talking, even on msn. Friends can easy spot the points, even behind the lines.

Always looking forward for constructive conversations, so do tell in future, if you have something on your mind, i will never find it offensive unless if really that's the direct aim :), but even then i can handle things humanely. (lets go to the streets and beat the sht out from each other :D)
I'm as calm as a synth without a player.  (Sam_Zen)


Well i have to leave open the possibility that i'm being ... what's the word ... 'hyper-sensitive', as well. But your short note made it seem like you were being a bit bragadocious, which kicked in a defensive response on my part. But i've never known you to be malicious in conversation; the context just seemed negative. Perhaps i should have waited for a couple more sentences. :)

But if no negativity was meant, then dismiss my defensiveness. No respect lost, my friend! 8)


I think a point can be made that every application does something really well - and doesn't do others all that well.

I *don't* believe in swiss army knives actually.

My copy of Sonar can do midi really well - I like working with a score - but nothing beats a tracker for working with samples - at least not yet for me - and I prefer MPT for that of the windows trackers. I'm at this point more at home with it. I do yearn however for some of the FTII features at times.... However, it seems more people want IT style tracking....

Such is life. From imperfections can come beauty.

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In this example, Jojo told that aligned pattern structure and accurate timing cannot really be expected anywhere, because of two very different ways. I was trying to deny that with a working counter-example.

"cannot be expected" != "will never happen"
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I'm as calm as a synth without a player.  (Sam_Zen)


Which is why one needs to adapt the tempo of the .mid (and one can also try saving it as different versions (there are 2?) to make sure it doesn't make a funny) before importing into OpenMPT ;)