[DECLINED] Recognition of Sticky Keys

Started by Really Weird Person, July 23, 2009, 02:01:13

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Really Weird Person

Here is a feature request:  Something that would be nice is Modplug Tracker's recognition of Sticky Keys. In case you were unaware (which most of you probably are), Sticky Keys is a feature that allows you to press key combinations (such as Control-Alt-Delete) one key at a time instead of holding the modifiers (in the example, Control and Alt) and then pressing Delete. It is available in both Windows and Linux, but not in Mac OS that I am aware of. When I set the "Insert New Pattern" command to have a shortcut of the Control key only, when I press Control, a pattern is inserted. However, when I lock Control (by pressing it twice) (the equivalent of holding it) (unless you are Modplug Tracker) (Actually, I think that most programs don't take that into account.), patterns are not continuously inserted. When I physically hold it, however, they are.