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Started by Harbinger, November 04, 2010, 20:03:35

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Often we use VST FX to do a quick master audio effect and then it's not used anymore. The obvious solution is to apply the FX module to the Master audio, and use PCEs to wet-dry the signal thru the module. But too many FX modules alter the signal even if the settings are not applied, such as stereo-in mono-out. And too often bypass is not accepted as a MIDI message.

What's needed is a note event that causes a plugin to toggle its Bypass setting, as if you manually selected "Bypass" from the plugin window menu. It would even be helpful if it were a Zxx macro option (in the same vein as "MIDI CC"). Of course, a keyboard shortcut entry would also be nice...

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Instead of relying on the plugin's own dry/wet parameters, have you tried using a Wet/Dry MIDI macro as described here?
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