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Started by BooT-SectoR-ViruZ, January 22, 2006, 13:01:21

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implement a vague timeline parallel to the pattern-playlist.
as mpt is capeable of estimating the song lenght already it might not be too hard to do so.

this might help during the production-process.

i for example often listen to my songs in winamp and from time to time i recognize some mistake or have an idea of what to improve at a certain point.
so i have to open MPT and search for the right position again.

thx 4 listening
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Excellent idea.  This would be very useful for hunting down and fixing mistakes that you notice during test-listening.



Indeed this would be awesome, and also if you need to make a song that is x amount long, then you can easilly see how you're doing. Also for feedback from others, they usually say: around 2:15. :)
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A nice idea.
Talking about a timeline : Maybe my setting is wrong, but I never managed to get a proper vertical line, in the window of the instrument-section where one can edit an overall volume- or panning-envelop of the full sample, as an indicator of the end.