[prog rock] dirts of mud (mp3)

Started by uncloned, March 23, 2009, 01:30:23

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My friend Mike came over yesterday and we jammed for the first time in twenty years. (Mike on left, me with ferret right)

We recorded me on Roland GR-20 guitar synth and Mike on my Korg MS 2000 audio - Mike was also recorded midi. I used the midi to drive various soft synths - during and after the jam. (improvised all the way.)

320 kbps 48k


128kbp 44.1k



You must have been excited with this result, Clones, just like that after 20 years.
A bit chaotic at moments of course, but they are often necessary just to carry on.


Well this was the end, last 20 minutes, of about an hour of playing. I do like it, quite a bit actually, but it is easy to be blinded to reality in situations like this. Mike and I live 4 hours apart now and he has his career in christian rock to pursue so I don't know how many more times we can do this. That realization is sad because I do like his talent very much.


Hmm. I understand your circumstances. A dilemma. Christian rock isn't much a drive to increase a personal talent.
Sorry, imo.


I don't understand your comment.

Mike's compositions are really good, and compared to Christian music I've heard on the radio in the past (not my personal choice) the music is far more interesting. He was telling me Saturday that there is a whole Christian prog rock sub-culture and sites and stuff. Apparently like the christian alternative that King's X is pursuing.


I think they kick butt really well for a rock band. I have a early 90's album by King's X that is just superb.

I think personal development is a personal choice. It does not matter what genre you are working in. I think to be fair one has to de-couple the personal philosophy from the music.

I don't think that Carcass is any less of a superb metal band because they sing (actually growl) about killing and dismembering people and feeding the corpses to dogs....

Or in this song - the difficulty of putting a dismembered body back together. The music is great - the message horrific.