Unable to load DSK SaxophoneZ VSTi

Started by AmericanDiamond, March 04, 2009, 08:21:29

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Saga Musix

well, there's nothing like a "dated" SSE, rather there are several versions of SSE (being SSE1 and SSE2 and so on =), and your specs don't really look like your PC has any of them. Even my CPU is not capable of SSE2 instructions - it's from 2002, so it's already pretty old.

You could try this program to find out if your CPU understands SSE instructions. The HTML report contains more detailed information about your CPU's capabilities.
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Even less capable than I expected!  No, this CPU doesn't even have SSE capability; it has MMX.  You're right, Jojo.

I know my PC has senior citizen status, but I am amazed at just how aged it is inside.