Keyboard error-messages

Started by Andy Livid, January 10, 2006, 08:27:50

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Andy Livid


When I open the MPT 1.17 or it's newer versions, following message appears: "Can't open file keyboard config file G:\OpenMPT1.17RC1_Generic\default.mkb for reading" or "Warning! OpenMPT has not been able to locate a keymap file. Please locate one in the settings. Until you do so, the keyboard will not work in OpenMPT".

I checked the settings and found the place where I should locate a keymap file but where it should be found? It's not in the folder of MPT.



ah, go download the latest official release (rc2), it should include several keymap files.  the bleeding edge builds only include the tracker program itself.

Andy Livid

Yeah, thanks. I tried that RC2-version of the programm and now I got it somehow to work.