Record Parameters in a Range

Started by Harbinger, July 03, 2009, 23:05:42

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Recording parameters from a VST for one field in the Pattern Editor seems mostly unhelpful, except in rare circumstances. What would REALLY be helpful would be to record a range of values. It might work something like this:

1. To assign a range of values, i would select several rows in the channel where i want to record macro values.
2. Then with Record Params switched on in the VST GUI, when i first click on a slider, the value is recorded into the first field in the selection. When i release the mouse button, the ending value is placed in the last field of the selection, and the entire selection is interpolated under normal rules.

Here's a handy mockup:

Heavy VST or macro users can have a LOT of time saved if this could be implemented. I can think of 9 mouseclicks and 6 keypresses i could save if i could use this one time.