[Techno/D'n'B/Soundscape] Jooze (MP3) System Partition :)

Started by unfa, November 08, 2008, 20:43:55

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Thank you for the descriptions :)
I had less problems with persons or Muppets, but a lot of words you used were new for me.
I still don't understand what did you mean here :D:
QuoteIt's too house to listen to motionless, but it's too theme-driven to dance to. It's too musical to be a conversation piece
Anyway, thanks a lot!
I never expected such a feedback for one of my pieces.
I'm doing my best  :)
my music Right now. I'am working with OpenMPT on Ubuntu. Just a bit harder... but still possible and I'am happy about this :)


I'vr been told i'm a bit liberal with my English, especially making adjectives out of nouns, and using twice-extended metaphors....

I listened to it again (by accident! -- it made it onto my playlist) and could not gather my attention away from it, both as a listener and as a composer. I asked myself if i could ever bring myself to do a piece like this. Of course not!! I'm too educated and too old (set in my ways) to do this kind of freeform. It's why i admire you young folks -- life (and music) is free to experiment with. Guardrails can be stifling....

As far as my description that you noted: this music is too house...it sounds too danceable ("house music"), like something you would hear at a nightclub, to just let it be "cerebral". But at the same time the beat doesn't stick, because the song jumps to various musical phrases and rhythms, which make it impossible to put it in to the listener's mental background, like you might if you were out dancing.
When i say it's "too musical to be a conversation piece" i mean that this has real musical form to it, not like a painting of uncomposed ideas and amateurish style, the kind that would make people study it and talk about it because it was so strange. This song was obviously decently well-thought-out, and as wry as the style may be, its form was considered by the composer. At the same time though, the strangeness of it makes it impossible to not LISTEN to.

BTW, i hope that my or anyone else's analysis of what you do doesn't affect HOW you assemble your songs. Too many times criticisms, even if their meant to be constructive, can spur an artist to consider them when they compose. But DON'T!!  Do what you always do the way you do it. The only time you ever need to consider someone else's regard for your music is when you're trying to sell it. :wink: