[Orchestral] Ink and parchment (MP3)

Started by bvanoudtshoorn, November 25, 2008, 10:10:18

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I have wrapped my heart in ink and parchment,
and cast it into your sea.



This is a lovely piece as is the expression above.

I can hear in the construct how it correlates to the above, but unfortunately only the 'human touch' of a real orchestra could really produce that longing growing feel required. Unfortunately its a large margin between the mockup- and the real thing. Still it gives us a taste, and it is lovely indeed.

Very Nice Barry.
Sonic Brilliance Studios


Thanks for the feedback, KrazyKatz!

Yes, it is hard to convey emotion without a real orchestra. One day, I hope to actually have some of these pieces performed by an orchestra, actually. It's a goal of mine.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed the piece.


As KrazyKatz states, a longing feel here. I like it, but as said, it gives only a taste, because it's quite short.
I don't mind much if things are 'real' or not. If the impression is strong, it's ok by me.


Your heart feels a bit sad, but very kind at a same time here.
Good thing that i know, you can be happy and impulsive also, when you wish that. :wink:
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this is quite nice

kind of like Ravel's Bolero in its development