hey rewbs, other coders. you guys rock.

Started by shableep, January 03, 2006, 08:10:25

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i just wanted to thank you guys for keeping mod-plug up-to-date. the fate of my music career is in mod-plugs hands. so any step forward you guys take in mod-plug is an amazing new opportunity for me. so i just wanna thank you guys for your constant dedication and effort you've poured into this. you have no idea how much i appreciate it.

fellow starving artist


I agree.  Everyone involved in making Modplug, thank you, thank you, and thank you again.
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Yes, Rewbs rocks! I'd like to add that it's nothing short of amazing how in spite of his superiority he is still so kind and humble.


I totally agree!

Rewbs is doing a great job, and as MODPlug staff member, I'm very glad we have him aboard!
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We must not forget Olivier Lapique, the man himself who actually wrote MPT at the beginning and started this evolution from moving trackers from the dos-world to windows.

And also ericus even though we havent heard so much from him lately.


Thanks for all the love. ;)
Relabsolubness has recently made some significant code contributions which will be in the next CVS version.


Quote from: "rewbs"Relabsolubness
Damn, some coder uses almost as hard-to-write name as I   :P

Quote from: "rewbs"made some significant code contributions
with help from rewbs, of course  :)


You're doing a great job on MPT!
(just wanted you to know)

I've been using it since .... as long as i can remember...but then again...
I usually cant remember much...anyway's since fasttracker II I guess...
(did screamtracker come before FTII or after...cant remember anymore.)