Problems at the english Developer Zone-> Development Buil

Started by Leo.Robusto, October 15, 2008, 19:52:36

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Hello fellows,

as I promised, I want to get involved into OpenMPT coding.
I already got  me a Vist PC and
a 90 days Trial of Visual Studio 2008 Professional compiler.

I already installed svn and downloaded the snv repository.

When I try to access
Developer Zone-> Development Builds
the link leads to
but I get the error"
"HTTP 500 Interner Serverfehler" which translates to
"HTTP 500 intrenal Server Error"

Can anybody fix this,
The Answer is out there - "The X-Files"

Saga Musix

I can access SVN wihout any problems here. Have you tried my manual yet?
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