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Started by Saga Musix, October 08, 2008, 13:31:02

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oh ... nice.
let's see.


Very nice. It works very well.
I'm a new (french speaking) user coming back to trackers I haven't used since since FT2 (in 91-92 ??) and this is amazing to come back to this.
What do you see as usage for this feature? It's a great way to add pitched delays.
Is this rendering function a first step to something else? I'm thinking of a base to something that could export each note of a pattern and create a multisample instrument.
This is a way to hear the right sound on format/platform that doesn't support the VST format but keeping anyway the small size of module (i.e not bounce to wav).
I'm listening to mod on my iphone using the modsize app.  8)

Saga Musix

QuoteIs this rendering function a first step to something else?
No, it's a feature on its own that was not built with anything else in mind. A plugin grabber may happen in the future but that's completely independent of this feature.
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Thanks for the reply.


Oh, if it'll lead to channel-plugin freezing someday in the future, it will be fantastic! No, doubly fantastic! :D

Is there a request or should I write one?
Feel free to correct my English.
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