Started by Gambit, December 28, 2005, 15:59:11

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Hello!  Is there a source for high quality sets of instruments for use with modplug tracker?  I want to save songs in IT format so I can integrate them into homemade games using the BASS library.  I'm willing to pay for good ones that have no distribution restrictions.

Thanks for any help!


the ki archive is the old standby:
tho somewhat outdated it has a LOT of good sets.
the hornet archive also has some samples, tho i dont know if they are any good:
also rather outdated...

the best source for samples tho is soundfonts, you'll have to convert them to tracker insturments tho, and i have yet to see a freeware program that does that properly, however modplug can import single layer soundfonts usually (multi layer ones really screw it up tho, but you could use vienna to edit them to single layer).
a couple nice soundfont sites: <-- HUGE collection, lots of mirrors, tho a lot of them are broken nowdays... <-- small collection of high quality ones


Hi! I found this site:

Also I think that is a very good choice... sincerily, best that the one I recommend  :wink: But my link is good anyway.

Try this too: (you must be a member)

Hope it will be useful  :D