[DUPE] Visualize Volume tool

Started by Skaven, September 11, 2008, 05:19:34

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Plain and simple: since OpenMPT already has the great "Visualize Effect" tool, why not enable it to be used in the Volume column as well?

Edit: Related entry on the issue tracker: http://bugs.openmpt.org/view.php?id=406


"Visualize Effect" tool ? Where ?


Sorry, I was a bit unclear. In the Pattern Editor, select an area and press Alt-B (or right click and select "Visualize Effect" from the menu). It brings up a window where you can edit the values visually.

I just thought this would be useful in the Volume column too. Currently you can only use it to edit the hex values in the effect column.


Now I see. Never knew of this feature before. I have to check it out first.


+1, great idea. i had wondered myself why this wasn't available for the vol column since it's just as likely you'd want to draw in stuff there. something i'd find very useful indeed.

Saga Musix

i also wondered why it's just there for effects, so +1.
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not using samples anymore but VSTi-s, so wouldn't mean much difference for me (i'm using every soundshape control with midiCC data now), but it would be a great to extend this great visual usability so +1 from me 2. =)
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