Video showing how to do FM Synthesis!

Started by LPChip, June 25, 2008, 09:55:43

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I found this video at CTGMusic and I must say, I understand a whole lot more from FM synthesis now.

There are 4 episodes explaining different techniques, but even if you'd only viewed the 1st one, it would already make sense. :)

EDIT: My bad... it seems that only part 1 is out yet. But you should watch it, to get a better understanding of FM synthesis.
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Saga Musix

pretty detailed and awesome video! :)
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Nice and realy useful video(s) for fm beginners.
I found mostly of the stuffs out by myself months ago, that is coveren in the short movie, just by practising and experimenting a few hours on a random basic fm vsti synth. It was fun. =)
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