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Started by Mstar510, December 23, 2005, 12:22:56

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How can I convert midi's to MP3's?


In fact, there are a lot of tools around the net for this task, but also you can do it with MPT. Just open a midi file in the tracker, press File->Save as Wave, and the encode the Wave file to MP3 (using Lame, for example). There is a direct Save as MP3 function but it is usually non-available.


Do note this. If you can't play the song after import, its of no use to export. So make sure you hear audio first. This will probably require you to add a soundfont bank first, and then import your midi song.
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mpt doesnt have very good midi import, id suggest finding a high quality soundfont (i really like bennentng 'another gs') and use timidity to render the midi to wav.


I have Creative Playcenter and it works great to record MIDI files to MP3. Just push record and you can record the whole MIDI or you can stop it at anytime. Then a box comes up and you name the file and it is an MP3. There is no distortion. It sounds just like the original MIDI.
I have a SoundBlaster Live video card and that is all I need to convert MIDI to MP3.

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Sometimes it appears to be better to do a conversion in more steps than one.
In this case, if you don't have the SBLive-card, you first could do a conversion from Midi to Wav, and then do the Wav to Mp3 conversion.
Audition can do MID2MP3, but is a rather expensive program.
I just checked the conversion dept. of Jet Audio Basic, a free audio tool . It can play or import a Mid-file, but export to Mp3 wasn't there, only to Wav or e.g. Ogg.
(This Ogg-format is a better compression format for future use anyway, instead of Mp3, imo.)
Wav 2 Mp3 can be done with the open-source audio-editor Audacity .

But the representation of a MIDI-file, so also the conversion, always will be kinda tricky, because it depends on the local circumstances of soundbanks available. This is the great advantage of the tracker-format. The proper sample is embedded in the songfile, so everywhere the same.