HowTo: Control VST(i) via Midi-Hardware

Started by BooT-SectoR-ViruZ, April 09, 2008, 12:39:37

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Step 1: Install/Connect your Midi-device
(controller, keyboard, whatever) to your PC
(It doesn't matter if you use Midi-In or USB)

Step 2: Start OMPT and load/create a song
in which you have a VST(i) you want to control

Step 3: Go to View>Setup>Midi and choose
either "midi-port" or "usb audio interface"
(according to where you plugged your stuff)

Step 4: Enable the "Midi Record" button

Step 5: Go to View>MIDI mapping

Step 6: enable "MIDI learn", move the knob/fader/whatever
you want to control a certain parameter, select the plugin,
select the parameter, click "add"

Now you should be able to control that certain VST-parameter
with that knob/fader/whatever in Instrument-Tab or in the Pattern-View
(if the plugin window is active)

Repeat step 6 as often as you like with different plugins and/or parameters.

NOTE: this will only work "live" while actually playing/performing the song.
this feature can not be used for recording in OMPT.
If you want to record it, start an external sound-recording software like wavelab/goldwave/soundforge/... and record it that way.

more detailed pictures to follow soon....

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Nice work, BSV! That's a really handy tutorial. Now, all I need is to get myself some hardware... hmm... Yeah, this should go into Technical docs. It should also go on the wiki, imo.


I just wanted to add to the 'thank you's' of this tutorial. Simple yet expresses exactly 'how it is done'.


Very informative! This thread will find its way into the upcoming Manual, with lots of plagiarism! :lol:

MIDI input and output is the hardest part for me to write up in the Manual because there is practically NO info on it using with MPT. So any help in workarounds and plugins that help us use MIDI with MPT is tres helpful.

I'm especially interested in using a MIDI keyboard to input notes, and wonder what must be done to get MPT to play a MIDI synth.

Update this thread whenever you or anyone else gets info on using MIDI. :wink:


I think I'm going to try to drive OMPT with a keyboard and see if I can play samples microtonally. If I can, and it seems I should be able to, this opens a very affordable way to do microtonal music.

that is important to lots of people