Barryvan Compo: Round 6 Begins!

Started by bvanoudtshoorn, March 31, 2008, 06:34:11

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No problem. Then I choose the first one.


Only two days left to enter, and I've only got two entries! :(


Argh! Only 2 days left :( It makes me feel so uncomfortable. Hate those time limits  :evil:


Yep, me too, but come on friend, you can do it.. :)

3 weeks isn't enough for a serious, finetuned production most of the time.
So one could consider the entry as a basic sketch, a raw model, a maquette of the real building.


What a week! Yesterday my PS/2 died in the middle of work. It seems easier to buy a new USB one today than to fix that crappy port. That's why I'm definitely gonna miss the deadline this time. I'm not asking for more time, it's just an excuse for myself for not being productive :D
So I decided to put off this track for some time, maybe it is better that way. It's the fate people.


Barry, maybe you should extend the deadline to another full compo time, so people have twice as much time.
"Heh, maybe I should've joined the compo only because it would've meant I wouldn't have had to worry about a damn EQ or compressor for a change. " - Atlantis
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@Nahkranoth: Oh, that's sad to hear. :( I hope you get everything sorted out.

@LPChip: I think I might go back to the original two-month period for the compo from the next round (although perhaps with six weeks of composing and two weeks of voting). If that still fails to attract enough entries, I guess I'll have to close it down. :'(


Quote from: "bvanoudtshoorn"I guess I'll have to close it down. :'(
Maybe try to attract some people from outside of ModplugCentral?
It seems that f.e. this SpaceWalk guy is "from outside", so there can be others!
It's just too calm here at MPC.
Or we're getting close to summer :D


Well, I'm quite active at Trax In Space (that's where Space Walk comes from), and I advertise there, at CTG, at MadTracker, and at Renoise...  :?


People just seem to be less interested in compo's.

I was thinking for a way to solve this problem, but I guess that doesn't really help for your competition.

Anyway the idea is: you have a compo and ofcource someone wins. The number 2 and 3 can get a second chance in the next round, so you always have 2 additional songs. If you miss entries, you could even add more from previous rounds.

Perhaps you apply a formula to those entries: eg. their votes will get only 80% weight.

Also you could have the ability to allow for multiple entries by one person with optional their choise which one weights less than the other.

So when they submit 2 songs, they have to specify which one goes for the 100%, the rest weights less. If that song gets better votes, then its bad luck XD

That way, Sam_Zen can have his other entry for this round, but votes for that song will only weight 80% which gives it less chance to win, but if its really good it could still win.

Song A who weights 100% gets 5 votes
Song B who weights 80% gets 11 votes.

11 * 80% = 8,8 votes.

That means that Song B would win it from Song A.

If however Song A would have 9 votes, then Song A would win, even if song B has 11 votes.
"Heh, maybe I should've joined the compo only because it would've meant I wouldn't have had to worry about a damn EQ or compressor for a change. " - Atlantis
"yes.. I think in this case it was wishful thinking: MPT is makng my life hard so it must be wrong" - Rewbs


Hmm... That's quite an interesting idea you've got there, LP. Although you're right - it won't work on themed compos. :( But I like it. Perhaps MPC should start a scene-wide compo based on this idea - something to fill the void left by the Novus compo, perhaps.

In terms of implementing, it wouldn't be too hard (within the framework I've built up). It's just a matter of implementing an interface so that when it's asked to retrieve songs / votes / whatever it does it according to your specifications... ( for a not quite up to date version.)

I wonder if there'd be interest in such a compo.


just putting finishing touches to my rather rushed entry.

maybe you should enter yourself barry?  :wink:

Edit: Entered.  Not entirely happy with it, but it'll do (=
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The construction by LP looks nice, but Barry's right, the re-entry of previous ones doesn't fit if the compo is scene-related.
And aGP has a point too. Yep, why no adding an entry yourself, Barry ? :)

A variation of LP's concept about a second entry from one author could be, that the author defines own entries in a certain order.
So f.e. the 2nd entry is A, getting 100%, first entry is B, getting 80%.
But I keep some doubts about this validation. If I enter a second entry, I don't do this to increase my chances of winning.
It's just, that I have a second idea of how to deal with the material.
As soon as a piece is published, it's the song that scores, not the author.

OT: About the term "compo". Before I found this forum, I used this word as a short one for 'composition'.
Then I found out that on the MPF the term was used to indicate a 'contest'.
So now I'll have to be aware of the difference.


Voting is now open for round three of the Barryvan compo. There are four fantastic tracks for you to download and vote on:
=> Fugz, by Sam_Zen;
=> Retallion Theme, by Space Walk;
=> A little fun in G Minor, by aGp; and
=> Bach, by Frans Witting.

Head over to the voting page to cast your vote!


Only 24 hours left to get your votes in! Head over to compo page to cast your votes on some really good tracks.