Use "direct to disk" to stock samples,

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), March 27, 2008, 04:41:12

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A very interesting feature, I think : the possibility to work with MPT as a "direct to disk" sample memory, instead of using the poor computer RAM.

Indeed, I work with multisamples instruments with 44k stereo samples on each note, and with many velocities etc, and some instruments "packs" can go far beyond even a giga of memory size !

It would be great to have the choice to work on "direct-to-disk", so we could imagine an entire (and fast) hard disk meant to contain samples/instruments.

Don't you think so ?


If you're wanting to do this sort of thing, you really need to invest in a good Sampler, like Kontakt. It has really good Direct-From-Disk sample playback routines.


Well, I would prefer to stay on MPT.

MPT lacks very few things to be totally autonomous, I think, and then really "pro": the possibility to synchronize it with a video, with another midi application (on the same computer) and the famous "direct to disk" option.

I already have other good samplers, but I don't use them, and I'd really love the concept of "all in one" sequencer, as MPT nearly is ;-)