[DECLINED] Columning (on bottom)

Started by Really Weird Person, May 05, 2008, 01:22:35

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Really Weird Person

Here is an idea, you can add a feature on the bottom (near the Position x of x thing) (right after the hexadecimal display) that tells you what alphabetic equivalent each of the positions would be. Note:  I highly recommend that you start the patterns (and position numbers) at one for this! Here is an example, Position 1 of 26 (1h of 1Ah) (A| of Z|) (the vertical line represents "column," since columns run vertically, how clever of me, glad I thought of it (and perhaps with 65,000 patterns, it will reach, um, yea, a column that one of my best friends would not like to see, but he would have to occasionally, called column, not XFD (16,384), but DAISY :lol:!) Also, try this, I like it! Do you remember Linux? How about Mac OS X? Now, you can make your Windows machine look like both of them! As an added bonus for those of us who have Windows Vista something other than Basic, it takes advantage of the Aero interface even! In fact, it even seems to be more in sync than Windows' own Flip-3D!


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