.48 Missing Keys to assign to the keyboard layout

Started by pathovore, July 28, 2008, 02:53:40

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Full Version:
OpenMPT v1.17.02.48

Description of the bug:

"piano style" Keyjazz is not possible in openmpt due to lack of full keycommand options.  If I wanted to set my keyjazz up in a Z="C", S="C#", X="D"....etc type of format, i.e., piano style, OpenMPT only lets you specify notes C-G# on the base octave.  I am currently able to do a full octave with only "Base Octave + 1".

How to reproduce (step by step description):

Look at options>keyboard and see for yourself that the base octave is incomplete.


I find it strange to hear that these keys are missing, expecially since I use them too. True I haven't had the need to assign them, but I'd figure that it would give an error upon loading too. I bet support for these keys have been present since 1.16 so I really doubt that they're missing.

Can it perhaps be that its sorted on alphabet, and that the A key is above the C instead of below the G?

Also, you may want to try loading the Impulse Tracker keypreset file. It has all these keys mapped, so you only need to map the rest to your likings.
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Base Octave +1 A in the setup actually *is* Base Octave A, it's just a bug in how the notes are shown (in the setup): MPT thinks A is the first note of the octave. Just subtract 1 from the octave of all A's, A#'s and B's and you'll be alright (until someone fixes the bug)


Well, technically, A is the first note of the octave. :)


Thanks to all that replied... Got it all working =)

Saga Musix

Ouch... I guess noone minds if I change those descriptions so the "base octave +1" stuff starts with the second C...
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