how to load an sample / instrument right?

Started by xmasboy, December 20, 2005, 12:35:19

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Quote from: "xmasboy"
Quote from: "speed-goddamn-focus"
Quote from: "xmasboy"i just tought it's possible to put to one sample
2 instruments (one with high pass and the
other with low pass), but this don't work.
It works for me by cloning an instrument, setting one to "force highpass" and the other to "force lowpass".

hm okay you load only sample in, but if you want to play the sound with highpass AND lowpass
you also have to use 2 channels...


also you have to name each instrument and it's really confusing me
if an instrument have not the same number like the sample...
ah, so you want a bandpass/bandexclude filter?
mpt doesnt support that (yet?)
you could always use a vst, there are plenty of good free filter vsts out there.


Modplug supports high- and lowpass, you can run on channel 1 a melody with lowpass
and on channel 2 the same but with highpass (2 same samples, 2 different instruments).

This is heavy used on Drum & Bass tracks for example, they often let the same
bassline run on several channels (up to 10!) and just let the filtersettings and volume
change randomly to bring more variety in those simple basslines.