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Running Impulse Tracker 2.14 v5 under Windows

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I started Impulse Tracker in windows and surprisingly, it did find a soundcard. Something that didn't worked in the past. Yay for that. Ofcource it had no memory. Nooo....

So I decided to download dosbox and create a config specially for Impulse Tracker.

The result is a package that starts Impulse Tracker.

I have tried to tweak it up to the best possible, and it goes very good, untill you hit to a song with over 38 virtual channels, then it starts to stutter.

Download the file, extract to any directory, open the DosBox 0.72 directory, and run the Impulse Tracker shortcut.

It might be possible that it can't find the dosbox executable. If so, edit the shortcut and point it to the dosbox.exe in the same directory and it'll work.

I have tweaked the following settings:

Frameskip=2 (it helps a bit on the cpu usage but doesn't have any auditable effect. It might be possible to set this higher, but I didn't tried :P)

The 4 settings at CPU cycles: higher is better, but too high, and your pc won't get to it. If you have stutters right after downloading it, set the 1st value of the 4 lower.

and finally the sound buffer settings a few rows below that. There are 2 buffers. I switched both, which seems to do some nice things. Less fall out and quicker recovery, although turning it to 10000 with 500 gave nice results too.

Please share your experiences here so we might get a good working IT so we can compare OpenMPT playback against IT playback. :)

This looks quite interesting. (haven't tried it yet)
I guess the same platform could be made for FastTracker II..

Saga Musix:
Two years ago, fq-music also released their article that describes how to use IT with VDMsound which is more suitable for PCs that aren't that powerful.


Long time no see, I have been playing around with IMPULSE TRACKER under DOSBOX 0.74-2. I have tested the archive here and ran the version of dosbox .72 from it. Im sorry to say that setup performed poorly. All I got was weird sounds from the module on playback through IT 2.14V5. Pretty much the same weird, stuttering and lag effects from programs such VMware the latest version and the same from Virtualbox latest version. I am yet to try it under vdmsound in win95 in a virtual machine. I will get back to you with my findings when I return.

I can safely say that version 1.0 of Impulse tracker runs happily in a dosbox at the right settings. After piecing together snippets from around the net and here I was able to get impulse tracker running smoothly. I have tested all the other versions and they work fine too.

catch ya round.....

Fatarse :o 8) ;)

Care to share what you did and your config and stuff?


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