load it as a raw sample? :(

Started by HarD-TeX, December 14, 2005, 20:25:43

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i wan,t to load an breakbeat into modplug....

but i,ve i select an breakbeat , modplug give,s my an error or something...

Load it as a raw sample...

but those samples are .wav....

i have downloaded those samples from http://www.phatdrumloops.com/  8)

so is there a way to load those samples in modplug or is it unpossible??

cheerz....  8)


can you tell what type of wav it is? ie, load it into an editor and tell what bit depth it has? mpt unfortunately wont load anything but 16bit samples currently, if it is 24 or 32bit, it wont load.
or, how big is the file and how long is it?
its possible it may be a compressed wav, the .wav extension is actually a container file format so it can actually be a compressed file (such as an mp3), its just 99% of the time its uncompressed.

not sure about the error tho... on mine it just doesnt load.


As Snu guessed looks like those are mp3 compressed data with wav headers. I hadn't seen that before.


I was just thinking... Is support for DirectShow filters hard to implement? I don't even know how it works, but it seems like a good idea to me. In fact, all my ideas do at first...


i,m now on school , i gonna give more information wen i,m home


this wav is 66,5 kb large...

i don,t have any sample editor..

and the length of it is 04sec....



it's mp3 contained in a wav. you have to convert it to an uncompressed wav. use an mp3 to wav converter for that, such as dbpoweramp or even winamp.


ke , i gonna check it , i,ve it don,t works i will tell it  8)