.49 Pattern props unavailable in MPTM from top left

Started by bvanoudtshoorn, December 13, 2007, 10:36:51

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Full Version:
OpenMPT v1.17.02.49

Has the bug occured in previous versions? If yes, please specify version(s): Don't know...

Description of the bug:
In MPTM modules, you can't click on the top left header cell (which shows the pattern number) to access the pattern's properties. Quite annoying, 'cos that's what I've always used. =D

How often does it happen?:
Only on MPTM modules.

How to reproduce (step by step description):
1. Create an MPTM module.
2. Go to the pattern editor.
3. Try to click on the top left header cell.


Happens to me also, very annoying!!!  That is one reason I am not using this format.

Saga Musix

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