openmpt question on default.mkb

Started by miffe, December 15, 2005, 18:40:09

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In the latest openmpt stable release,
the notecol keyboard settings only allow me
up to Base Octave + 3 note "A"... I want also
in that same octave A# and B...

It occurred to me to edit default.mkb and add to the notecol

3:1097:0:80:1      //Base octave +3 A: P (KeyDown)

something like....

3:1097:0:81:1      //Base octave +3 A#: ` (KeyDown)
3:1097:0:82:1      //Base octave +3 B: + (KeyDown)

But in the start of the command "3:1097:0:81" the :81:1 is already
used by something else... I dont know the meaning of these numbers
and what would happen if I do it even if :81 is already in use.


thanks - mike


If the command isn't visible in the keyboard config dialog, the chances are it just doesn't exist, so you won't be able to make it work just by hacking the  file. The meaning of each number in the file vaguely given at the top of the .mkb. The bit after the // is just a comment, doesn't impact the functionality of the app.

Do you really need so many notes accessible at the same time? Remember you need to keep some keys spare for other commands.