Author Topic: .48 MIDI import incorrectly truncates notes and turns  (Read 3137 times)

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.48 MIDI import incorrectly truncates notes and turns
« on: November 08, 2007, 17:01:37 »
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OpenMPT v1.17.02.48

Description of the bug: MIDI import incorrectly truncates notes and turns a piano into a maraca.

How often does it happen?: Consistently

How to reproduce (step by step description): Open this midi in Modplug Tracker and play it back.  Compare to the direct MIDI playback through Winamp or any player that supports MIDI files.

I've gotta hand it to you guys.  MPT is an order of magnitude better than anything else I've found to convert MIDIs to mod format music.  But then I loaded this song as a test case and the whole thing blew up in my face.  The piano track, which should have been rendered as the "Grand Piano" instrument, instead got played back as "Cabasa (Standard)," which sounds like some sort of maraca.  Also, several sustained notes only played for one frame and then got cut off, instead of playing the correct amount of time, while others got held for the proper length of time.

Any way to fix this?

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.48 MIDI import incorrectly truncates notes and turns
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2007, 17:17:57 »
Midi import capability always was a luxury. Remember, OpenMPT is a tracker, not a midi sequencer.

We might fix the midi things (as its already known) but it won't be with a high priority. I therefore close this bug.
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