[Vintage modules] By by Politicrats (MOD)

Started by Sam_Zen, May 23, 2007, 02:56:51

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Establishing a steady, enjoyable beat early on. Not too much else happening, except for some sounds and vocals. OK, now it got quite interesting; pattern 12 and 13 and on. Really nice beat. Hints of a bassline around pattern 20, but only short phrases. Pattern 24; some potentially "random" sounds, which I interpret as quite well-working anyway - I like such details. It's about to end now, so I'll move on to the other one, which was an .ogg if I remember correctly. Keep it up!

(Oh, and yes; I'm going to have a closer look - or listen, rather - to the beat, it sounded very good)


Takes me back to the cult netlabel monotoniks early mod.releases, maybe even a little like Orlingo from Black Sista. (that's a compliment) ;)

Strange but interesting.