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Started by Really Weird Person, May 13, 2007, 01:08:48

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Really Weird Person

What does the (XXh of YYh) mean?
Note: The XX and YY represent hexadecimal numbers.


XX or YY just means that it can have any two digits as a number. The trailing 'h' is an global standard for saying : this number is of the hexadecimal system, not the decimal one. Hexadecimal means : not ten different digits, but sixteen. 0-9 with also A-F.
So '12' is twelve, as 10 plus 2. But 12h is 16 plus 2 = 18.

Really Weird Person

Oh, I see. More like, eye sea. What? Weird, odd, wodd, odd, weird




When used in combination with an effect: like Hxy it is ment to refer to one of the 2 positions.

Sometimes an effect is being drawn like this: Gxx (2x xx) and the other time Hxy (1x and 1y).

The reason is because in the cases of xx, one value controls the effect, where with the cases of xy 2 values control the effect. In other words, x does something else than y does.

Its still easier to refer to x and y independendly than to say: the left x and the right x. Thats just weird.
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