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Started by Really Weird Person, April 18, 2007, 02:11:17

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Really Weird Person

Here are some shortcuts that I thought of for Modplug Tracker.

1End. Select All - Control-A
2↓. Paste - Insert
3Page Down. Insert row - Control-Insert
4←. Insert channel - Alt-Insert
5_. Insert Pattern - Control-Alt-Insert
6→. View Comments - Alt-C
7Home. Copy all patterns - Control-Alt-C
8↑. Duplicate selected channels - Control-D
9Page Up. Copy selected channels - Control-Shift-C
Note: For shortcuts 7 - 9, you would have to also add the functions.
Note (2): Duplicate selected channels and Copy selected channels would copy one or more channels (how ever many the user selects) and all patterns in the song simultaneously. For example, say you want to copy only channel 28. If you used 'Copy selected channels,' you could copy only channel 28, but you would copy all of channel 28's patterns.
It would look something like this:
Editable text field: Enter a channel number or range of channels to copy or duplicate depending on which function you are using
These functions would make mixing songs together easier. I am not sure if anyone else mixes songs together, but I do.


What has this poll to do with the question?

Since I can't see the relevance to it, I'm going to remove the poll, to make it less confusing. If you really want this poll, which is okay, then please post it as a stand alone topic, where the post and title is about the poll.
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