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EDIT: In case it was not clear: please post music to songs you own the rights (aka your own music)

In the interest of clarity, I would ask that all posts to this forum use the following format for the subject:

[Song Genre] Song Title (file format) short comments

Therefore, a new trance song posted called "TranceyDance" that is in MP3 format should have the following subject:

[Trance] TranceyDance (MP3)  Cool Trance Song

This will make it much easier for visitors to find music that they are interested in.  Thanks in advance for your co-operation!

Please dedicate one song per topic, instead of putting all your work in one.

If you want to post an album or EP (eg. a group of songs that are part of a whole) please start your topic with [ALBUM] or [EP] then if possible [STYLE] (unless the style throughout the album varies too much)

Note that all posts in this forum that are not conform rules are either adjusted or deleted (depending on how bad they are)

The subject-tags [genre] and (file format) are useful, as long as the files are original modules, like .xm or .it.
So the offered downloads are directly tracker-based. But what if the download is a compressed audio-file.
An mp3- or ogg-file can't contain proof any more, that it has been made tracker-based. Source could be FL or some mikes.
So I have to trust the integrity of the posters that the source of the song is strictly tracker-based.
On the other hand, maybe some of the members are 'hybrid' composers, using tracker techniques, but also a sequencer like Reason, or analog electronics with a microphone. This asks for an extra category about the source of the file.
This can be realized by renaming 'short comment' in the subject format to 'Song Source'.
( Comments, short or not, can be added anyway, if a member posts a link to a download. )
If 'Song Source' is generally a tracker-based one, the item could be skipped, as a valid indication too.
Non-tracker information can be given there.

Squirrel Havoc:
The way I see it, if it comes from a regular here, you can safely assume it's tracked. If it's a newcomer with an MP3 claiming it's tracked, theres no way to find out. Especially if it uses commercial samples and cant be redistributed. Or worse yet, uses a commercial (no demo) tracker (cant think of any, but I guess they exist). Then there is really no way of proving anything.

If we really want to go hardcore and rule out all non-tracked files, then remove non-tracked file formats.

There are people here that don't track anymore but use sequencers. They submit their songs as MP3. Why restrict them? Its the music, stupid!

A very nice way to quote modplug's old quote :)

And maybe it's good to remember that quite a proportion of tracks made even with Modplug Tracker cannot practically be distributed as module files due to use of vst's, big samples etc.


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