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[Melodic Rock] - Newly Rendered World (MP3)
« on: November 16, 2005, 01:25:42 »
Hey everyone, it's been a while. I used to launch rock tracks on modplug for a while, under the name Lofters because the name Lofty was taken. However, with the forums going chance to seize my old name has returned! Muhahaha. Anyway it's nice to be around again.

So, what's changed while I've been away? Well, with constructive criticism that my tracks are often repetitive, I rebuilt one of Wong Chung Bang's tracks, Triad of Power, but using different samples to give a different sound. I learnt a lot on track variation and continuing but varying themes. And now I've finally been able to crank out something of my own which is not only huge (over 10 minutes) but also constantly varying throughout.

If you're interested, the track is named "Newly Rendered World", after the moment a couple of weeks ago when I finally got my vision corrected after 2 years of eye surgery. The difference to the whole world was utterly stunning - every single item I looked at looked completely different, with a staggering detail I have not witnessed in such a long time. It was a special moment so it makes a fitting track name.

This track uses just about every trick in the book I can think of which is a good thing as it's so long. I haven't properly released it yet, and would value any comments or feedback to improve it before releasing it properly. I've always valued the feedback I've got through the modplug community throughout my tracking life.

Genre? Errr I'm not really sure. I would call it something like melodic rock, but it doesn't really match up to any genre I know of so far. I would like to think it's my own style really. Perhaps you can help me on this one too.

Here's the link: (14.9Mb)

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[Melodic Rock] - Newly Rendered World (MP3)
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2005, 02:43:48 »
A leap in the right direction.  Congrats. :P

Although, personally I would lessen the stereo a bit.  It works great on speakers, but on headphones (especially really good ones with a high separation quality) it makes the ears tire out faster when there is only one lead and it's playing on either the left or right channel and the rest is just background music.

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[Melodic Rock] - Newly Rendered World (MP3)
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2005, 11:33:56 »
I personally think this song is Punk, instead of Rock.

There's alot of repetition, which is too bad, especially if Rock was intended.

Also the song's quality is on the lower end, which is a shame if you render the track to mp3 192khz. 128 would be more than enough for this quality.

You might want to concidder mixing/mastering your track.

After a while the track does progress, which is necessary, conciddered this track lasts for 10 mins. The same chord progression is used though, which kind of takes away that what could make this track to be a suburb track. The track becomes predictable in a wrong way. LOL now that I mentioned it, the chord progression changes... Are you reading my mind or something? :P

But the fact that I had to mention it, means that it took too long to happen. Maybe its a good thing to make just a few patterns, then listen to it, correct it, make a few others, listen to the whole, and see if it fits to what you early made. I always do this, and it allows me to move from part to part, what is what I'm missing here.

The song also has Pop influences bytheway... Perhaps set the style as Punk/Pop.

Overal, this song isn't bad. It introduces some new stuff here and there, but if you want the listener to keep playing this song, alot has to be done to archieve that. Try drawing their attention, and then try to keep it for as long as possible.

I think you haven't used alot of emptyness in your patterns which is what can make this attention.
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