Modplug & midi out

Started by darkfreak, January 26, 2007, 12:56:17

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i have now long time a problem with the midi out.

somebody told me the adress of this board, to ask here. I hope someone can help me.

I like to send with the modplug midi signals out, in is no problem.. this the modplug writes.

I have here an Korg - Radias, my soundcard is an Terratec Phase 22.

sorry for my bad english ;)


thank you, but i cant download the midibag

...server problemes.. maby later  :?


Unless someone else can send you the files it'll probably work february 1st. Patience is a virtue ;)


huh, he needs a new host... well,  since im the (first) one who mentioned it originally, here's a link on my site:
ill leave it up for a couple days.



hi flo(w)  :D
good to see you on board finally
10 years on ModPlug... f#cking hell...

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ok, it worx now, but i also have serious sync problems.

also when i use the ASIO device for my Phase 22

what can i do ?


ahh.... when i take the buffer lengh to 10ms its much better !  :D