Volume control of soundfonts in MPT

Started by Dictator, September 04, 2008, 07:33:22

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Recently, I ran into a problem. I don't know if this is a bug or not, so I posted it here...

I use SFZ as a soundfont player in MPT. Everything worked fine until I tried to change the volume. I had some orchestral strings on different midi channels of the same plugin and tried to fade them out with v60, v56 etc. commands (the "volume envelope" command didn't work). I eventually reached v04 (and stopped the instrument with a == ) and all worked well until I tried to play the song again.

Now, it didn't work. The strings and even the organ (which I hadn't manipulated at all) had their volume at extremely low levels. It seemed like the volume commands had permanently set the whole SF player plugin volume down to 4 as I had put it in the fadeout. I even removed the volume commands and still it didn't play the instruments at full volume. I put v64 commands in the beginning of the song, but it didn't work. Only by restoring an earlier save I could return to status quo.

Is the volume command meant to work like this, setting the whole plugin's volume once and for all? If it is, how can I control the volume of a single channel with a soundfont instrument in it?


This is indeed a new feature you're experiencing.

Any VSTi will now be able to respond to a volume command. This wasn't possible in the past, you see.

There are 2 distinctions.

1. Playing a note with a volume command -> Sets the velocity for that note, which was always possible.
2. Playing an empty row with a volume command -> Sets the wet/dry ratio of the recently played plugin, which is new.

Basically you've set the wet/dry ratio of the plugin to 04 meaning that its almost muted. Playing a note with a volume command will not change the wet/dry ratio, but instead change the velocity of that note. In order to set the wet/dry ratio while you have a note, either setup a Zxx macro to do this, and use Z7F as value or attach your plugin to a new channel, and just put a v64 volume in that row without a note playing.

Or optionally, it might also be possible to set the v64 in an earlier pattern where the note already died playing.
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To control volume with SFZ you can use its hardwired MIDI CC, I don't remember exactly which, but you can find CC list somewhere in your SFZ folder or on the manufacturer's site. I know I'm not helpful but some time ago I had this problem.


Thanks for the replies.

The empty channel volume control worked for me. I don't know a thing about midi macros or CC's and didn't find out anything by messing around in MPT, so obviously I couldn't use those solutions.