Where's the Z's?

Started by Harbinger, January 14, 2008, 16:16:19

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ThankQ, now i'm beginning to get it. Pictures always help, too. I think everything is clear enough that i can begin experimenting with some semblance of direction.

As for my previous question, somewhere i got the idea that you called a 'macro' with Zxx, and it carried out commands while the channels continued with notes and such, using an arpeggiated pattern, for example. But from what you guys are saying, like any note command, the Zxx does one command in one step, and then it's done.

Thanks to all you guys, and don't forget to fix the Wiki!! :)


Quote from: "Harbinger"Thanks to all you guys, and don't forget to fix the Wiki!! :)

Maybe its a good idea if you write down what you've learned so it can be posted in the wiki. :)
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