Author Topic: extracting the instruments from a .mo3 as a .sf2 file ??  (Read 64 times)

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I have a .mo3 file that i wish to extract the instruments from, and convert these instruments into either an individual sf2 file, or a set of sfz files. I have attempted to extract the instruments in the .xi format, and then use the free shareware version of Awave to rebuild each instrument as both sf2 (later grouping the instruments together as a single sf2 file), and sfz files, however in both cases the resulting sound is moderately different than what plays within openMPT. i need the output to sound exactly as it sounds within openMPT.

i have little experience in coding or in the structures of soundfont or mod formats, and lack the ability to troubleshoot the issue further. also, i am running windows 8.1 in case there exists software out there that works already. hopefully i hear from someone soon... and i am willing to reveal more details about what it is exactly that i wish to do in case one needs more information to come to a solution.

well, thank you!

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i need the output to sound exactly as it sounds within openMPT.
To summarize in one sentence, this is impossible with SF2. Instruments in modules and instruments in soundfonts are sufficiently different for this goal to be impossible to reach in the general case. For example, envelopes in module instruments are much more expressive than the classic ADSR envelopes you have in soundfonts. If it's just about the raw sample data, converting that with Awave is going to be fine, but don't expect to be able to convert anything beyond that 100% accurately.
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