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I'd like to introduce myself by giving this link of my first tune:

Enjoy and please let me know your opinions. It is made in OpenMpt with some VST instruments and effects.

All the best
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Re: [electronic] throwing stones made pixels dancing (soundcloud)
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I saw that some of you are reviewing this post, so I would like add one more tune as an attachment to my big respect for those who run this forum and did a great job by giving all these tutorials and advices. I have learnt a lot from you!

It looks like trackers are not so popular last years but I must say I quite like Openmpt. Maybe one day I would learn some DAW for better general mastering, but I guess I would always use tracker for doing my beats (here I still use a VST sets but maybe I would collect my own samples).

Kind regards!

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Please, always create one topic per song. Thanks.
About the songs themselves: They both sound a bit random to me, lacking structure. The first could work as background music for a game or something, but the second one seems to have a lot of random, dissonant notes (and a very jarring constant repetition of that C-minor chord) which I honestly don't enjoy at all.
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Thank you for your opinion. It was not random, but I get your impression. I will consider this for sure. 
And sorry for these 2 songs in one thread, I thought it would be modest.