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Help and Questions / Re: Volume Commands with VSTs
« Last post by StarWolf3000 on October 15, 2018, 05:35:06 »
Mxx: I don't think this command is actually supposed to work with VST instruments, as their audio output is not affected by channel volume. From my understanding, it only works with sample-based instruments (the same as with the sliders on the Channel setup on General tab:

Hxy: Vibrato should work. I have an electric guitar VST instrument, and using Hxy commands seem to work with it, but it may depend on the plugin.
Help and Questions / [SOLVED] Volume Commands with VSTs
« Last post by I-S3-O on October 14, 2018, 23:20:58 »
I'm trying to figure out how I use the standard volume commands with a VST. Currently I'm using Crisalys, and it's been really tricky (or just weird) in how the volume commands tie into it.

By the way, by "volume commands" I don't just mean the "v00" you can do in the third cell. I also mean stuff like the Mxx (Channel Volume), Hxx (Vibrato), Dxx (Volume Slide), Note Cut, and Note Off.

My problems for each one:
It's weird when you try to use it as a velocity setting with the VST. For some reason "v64" doesn't read as the highest setting for the velocity. It instead reads as the last input you used, or something like that. So if you had v32 and then used v64, it will still play the VST at 32. It's not unless you use v63 that it uses the semi-appropriate level. However, that's not always the case. When I realized that v63 was the magic number, I tried to "fake" a note cut (since the real one wasn't working for me) with a quick low volume setting and then push the sound back to 63 right after. It didn't work; I put it to v00, and it stayed that way regardless of whatever setting I used afterwards: v64, v63, v54 -- it didn't matter. So then I unchecked the "use volume commands and velocity" checkbox, and everything worked okay then. Hmm...seems weird that I can't use velocity correctly, or maybe I'm misunderstanding its purpose?

Mxx / Hxx / Dxx:
They don't seem to work with a VST at all. Is there any way I can make them work, though? Like, via a parameter or something (i.e. SFx)?

Note Cut / Note Off:
They seem to work the exact same way, in that Note Cut doesn't cut off the note, but pushes the input to the VST's envelope I guess? Also, recognizing that it may just be the VST I'm using, it seems that, when turning the Release time on the VST, the Note Off is very touchy concerning the fade out of the note. Turning the Release knob on the VST only a few pips turns the fade out from too long to none at all. Does the fade out on the MPT Instrument panel have anything to do with the release time on the VST?

Thanks for the help in advance. I hope I didn't misuse this post by asking too many questions at once.
Note that it might be easier to use the xmp-openmpt plugin with XMPlay, as this will require no manual steps and no format conversion, so it's most probably more desirable (converting an AMF file to MPTM might change some playback details).
Got it, thank you.
You can convert each subsong into its own sequence, then you can use the export option with sequences to export all songs. That does mean you will have to turn it into an MPTM module first.
Hi there, I'm trying to export an AMF module that has 11 songs, which show up correctly when choosing the "Estimate song length" option, as shown here:

However, upon exporting to flac only the first one is converted. I can get around this by manually choosing from pattern 0 to the last in the position fields, or the interval for a particular song.

But I'm wondering, since OpenMPT detects the song boundaries automatically (I don't know how this works for the amf format), if it is possible to simply choose a song or export all of them to different files automatically.
I am using version

Thanks in advance.
Development Corner / Re: A Good IDE?
« Last post by ASIKWUSpulse on October 12, 2018, 21:27:12 »
Ok may keep using VS 2017 community then :)
Development Corner / Re: A Good IDE?
« Last post by Saga Musix on October 12, 2018, 14:09:40 »
2015 and 2017, community edition (at home) and pro (at work). But I have also been using previous versions (VS6/2003/2008/2010 Professional) and my sentiment about those is mostly the same.
Development Corner / Re: A Good IDE?
« Last post by ASIKWUSpulse on October 12, 2018, 14:02:19 »
Which VS are you using? year and community/pro?
I can live with the exponential volume behavior :D, it's just important that the FM sounds isn't hard-volslided like the samples, or they will barely be heard. I'm still happy with this new feature (I love tracking game-inspired music with FM-flavour, which is now possible with OpenMPT). Cool!
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