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Help and Questions / How do I export the DLS of a .IT file?
« Last post by Raulix Andrew on November 16, 2017, 18:52:49 »
Please?  ;D
Free Music Downloads / Re: [Chiptune] groovebox (6ch it/soundcloud)
« Last post by FreezeFlame(Alchemy) on November 16, 2017, 15:53:28 »
Im shit at giving useful feedback, but i like your track quite alot. It will be going to my tracker music collection and MP3 player.
One comment i want to say about the samples. They sound great :)!

feedback would be nice y'know :)
My sympathies.
Free Music Downloads / Re: [Chiptune] groovebox (6ch it/soundcloud)
« Last post by WouterVL on November 16, 2017, 11:50:55 »
feedback would be nice y'know :)
General Chatter / Re: 14-bit MIDI controllers
« Last post by Gleeson on November 13, 2017, 17:26:30 »
Bought myself some midi controllers , but yet to use them . Coz I'm too busy working my arse off to write music!!! I do own the mini axiom controller and mini launchkey controller. Been looking at using the ignite software to save out midi and make music that way for samples to transfer into other software to make music looks interesting! At present there is no version of ignite for winblows 10.

How are you liking the mini axiom controller? I'm thinking of getting one.
General Chatter / Re: Tips on windows reinstalls?
« Last post by mptntguru on November 11, 2017, 14:47:28 »
On unix you have rsync and dd commands to backup your OS. On windows you have to use some third-party utilities with non-predictable outcome. Windows is somehow linked to definite boot sectors of hdd and unlike on nix you can't copy the OS like regular files. That's very irritating.
General Chatter / Playback via kernel streaming on non-xp OS is possible
« Last post by mptntguru on November 11, 2017, 14:25:56 »
Since my two previous topics were locked for no reasons I first want to declare that I have stopped using openmpt because it does not have best resampling algos as per words of the developer and because it has no support for recording cc64. In one of my topics i have asked if there is a player to support wavert output and got lock instead of the answer. So I made my own search and want to share the info.
First of all wavert is not KS at all. KS is a part of wdm-drivers. There are wdm and nonwdm drivers for soundcards. Luckily creative products for pci slots run under kx driver which is wdm and for example esi juli also works with KS on all operating systems since XP. It's reported that KS works on pci soundcards. As for foobar it supports KS only on XP and it's the problem of foobar2000 and not of windows' version. So you can have KS on win7, 8, 10 without problems for which you should use albumplayer by Antonov.
As for wavert it's nothing that special and wasapi in exclusive modes uses it for bypassing its own mixer. It's not as low level as KS and don't expect the same result from it. Albumplayer has KS extras and KS standard ouputs. Extras has shorter chain but player's volume fader does not work with it. I recommend using one core of cpu to avoid electrical noises + direct input. This player currently is the best one and it's free. As for foobar it has become a disappointment for me because of bad KS support and some other reasons.
General Chatter / Re: Colour scheme exchange
« Last post by PiotrGrochowski on November 11, 2017, 10:38:26 »
General Chatter / Re: Colour scheme exchange
« Last post by herodotas on November 11, 2017, 08:28:53 »
Some new schemes.
Ok good to know.
As long as we get the icons as SVGs and/or PNG, we can do the rest (i.e. assemble an ICO file). You do not need to worry about that last step, also because we will need them in slightly different variants for various purposes.
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