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Help and Questions / Re: Arrangement/Finishing songs
« Last post by LPChip on Yesterday at 10:40:33 »
What works for me (I'm known to have made songs that lasts for 7 or 8 minutes, and even attempted to make 2 30 minute songs) is learning how to make transitions.

Basically after 4 or 8 patterns, at the end, using the last 16 rows (or more if you really want a big transition), change the drums dramatically with a fill, change the bass and other sounds if that works for that moment, and on the next pattern go with something new.

You can keep small parts of previous patterns, but it allows you to move into a new direction.

Also, if you are consistent in changing patterns, a transition is not always necessary. This way, you can have 2 or 3 different melodies/set of chord progressions and go switch between them. A good example of this is my song called: Crying for Love. Notice how, after the intro, I have 3 different parts and how I keep going back between these parts, but where I change how the drums sound, how the bass sounds and how the guitars play.

And the biggest factor here is experience. The more music you make, the more you learn how to do this. Do note, if you have a writersblock, it can be that you only get a few patterns out and that the whole just doesn't sound good. If this is the case for you, think about doing something else for half a year and come back to music. Also, listening to other music usually helps getting inspiration.

As oppsed to Saga Musix, I do not try to track as long as possible when I have lots of inspiration, but if I feel I still have inspiration left and I have the time, I certainly continue. But usually I work on a song about 3 hours a night, and even with inspiration left, I stop. I start listening to the song on repeat, fix mistakes and get a state where I'm comfortable with what I made so far. Then when I move on, I start working on the next section.

And I suppose the biggest quesiton remains: What can you do in music to entertain the listener? It doesn't have to mean that you keep changing the song, as long as the listener enjoys what they're hearing. Small variations or sounds in the background can do that too.
General Chatter / Microtonal Composition Contest - Cash Prizes!
« Last post by uncloned on Yesterday at 00:35:23 »
Hello! This is the kick off to this year's microtonal composition competition with cash prizes!! While the submission engine won't be ready for a little bit the Untwelve board thought a little advance notice would give everyone a chance to starting composing their entry!  The rules for the competition are listed here:

note that (last I saw) modplug tracker natively supports alternate tunings when using samples!!
Help and Questions / Re: Arrangement/Finishing songs
« Last post by Saga Musix on Yesterday at 00:16:07 »
Well, my most successful recipe is probably to have a creativity streak as long as possible. If you have the ideas coming, sit down for as long as you can and continue writing. Otherwise, at least for me, picking up a tune that I've started a month ago is often difficult. You can do exactly the same mistakes in trackers and classical sequencers, but trackers often allow for more details to be changed, of course. Try doing this detail work when you're done with the structure.
Help and Questions / Arrangement/Finishing songs
« Last post by Bleetz on July 22, 2014, 23:06:59 »
Hi there, I've been using trackers (Ompt/Madtracker) for years now but this still bugs me. How do other users go about arrangements etc? I mean how do you know when your track is finished and ready to share? I seem to get stuck at around the 2 minute mark and I don't know how to finish my songs. I get stuck in a rut and tend to constantly change samples ruin what I started with and end up stuck in that 2 minute loop! I have bounced channels/samples down to wav to export into Reaper and completed tracks that way, but I would love to be able to make (for example) a 5 min track that I am happy with in a tracker. I use the separators etc in the sequencer view and it still doesn't seem to be able for me to complete a full song in MPT entirely. I know alot of people will say, well use a DAW then, but I love using Modplug. I have also OVER analysed and tried to copy the arrangements of the music I am into, but  I still can't finish a song in Ompt AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH(Maybe its just me) anyway... Would love to hear experienced users tips on this.

BTW Modplug gets nicer to use with every release. Keep up the good work.  ;)
Free Music Downloads / Neonlight Mask [Electronica, Exp.] [Mp3-stream]
« Last post by Voltrom on July 22, 2014, 15:33:23 »
Hi fellow Trackers and Trackines,

See you soon...
General Chatter / Re: How does software mixing work in OpenMPT?
« Last post by Rakib on July 20, 2014, 21:31:43 »
If c++ is hard for you, you can always try a programming language like Chuck, which is a audio programming language
I guess OBXD isn't really all that suitable for DnB drums, heck, most virtual analogs probably aren't. :D Still, good job for that synth, I guess.

Thanks!, and about the drums, the first & second places where dubstep, so I would say that in a OSC every kind of Drums is possible to make no way what synth it is  ;).
Help and Questions / Re: Keybinding Problem OpenMPT 32 bit
« Last post by Saga Musix on July 19, 2014, 22:12:12 »
What I'm asking is why when I updated to the latest version of OpenMPT, the keybinding I use isn't letting me put in note effects with the keyboard, or why I can't even switch to that keybinding anymore.
Do you happen to have more that one Windows keyboard layout activated? That's the only thing related to recent changes I can imagine to interfer with effect keys, since effect keys are not part of the keyboard layout but rather created dynamically from their keyboard position.
Help and Questions / Re: Keybinding Problem OpenMPT 32 bit
« Last post by Baycun on July 19, 2014, 22:06:25 »
I think you misunderstood my question. I already know the .it effect commands, I've learned them fairly well. What I'm asking is why when I updated to the latest version of OpenMPT, the keybinding I use isn't letting me put in note effects with the keyboard, or why I can't even switch to that keybinding anymore. It worked on the last version and I just recently started having this problem once I got 1.23. I just want to use OpenMPT's pattern editor like milkytracker, that's it really, but I don't understand how to get my keybinding to switch back to something I can use, if I need to format the name of the keybinding differently or import the keys differently or something I'll do it, but I'm really not sure why this started happening pretty soon after I got the latest version and not before.
Help and Questions / Re: Keybinding Problem OpenMPT 32 bit
« Last post by Saga Musix on July 19, 2014, 20:11:36 »
No, there is no way in which OpenMPT could secretly import someone else's keybindings. They aren't stored in module files. However, every format uses a different set of effects (if they didn't, there wouldn't be much point in having more than one format), and with those different effects come different effect letters. IT and S3M use a set of effect letters that's different from the MOD / XM set. OpenMPT adheres to the original effect letters to make it easy for people using different applications to switch - so that someone who has e.g. previously written MOD files in ProTracker can continue doing so in OpenMPT without having to re-learn the effects, and someone who has previously used Schism Tracker to create ITs can keep using the letters they're used to as well. If you want to use IT files, you will have to learn a new set of effects, I'm afraid.
You may also notice that when creating a new file that it keeps using the same format as the currently active file, so if you have an S3M file open and hit Ctrl+N, the newly created file will also be in the S3M format. If you always want to start modules using the same default  format, you can set the hidden setting DefaultModType.
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