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I'd like to introduce myself by giving this link of my first tune:

Enjoy and please let me know your opinions. It is made in OpenMpt with some VST instruments and effects.

All the best
Christophe DSC02100
General Chatter / Re: Tips on windows reinstalls?
« Last post by Fatarse on Yesterday at 16:00:54 »
The answer is simple create one winblows Borg box 📦 machine and copy it dozens of times!!!!

Resistance is futile !!!!!! Even for a ransomware virus!!!!

We are fatarse Borg!!!
General Chatter / Re: any media players written in assemply language?
« Last post by Fatarse on Yesterday at 15:53:49 »
I doubt there would be many players written in assembler, not unless you are the Borg!
General Chatter / Re: "Farting" Bass on Fade out?
« Last post by Fatarse on Yesterday at 15:51:30 »
Gives me a a great idea for a song! Hahaha
General Chatter / Re: Ultimate Tracker Base
« Last post by Fatarse on Yesterday at 15:50:28 »
I know of this site , it's been around along time!
I am lazy, but stubborn:)

Sounds familiar hahaha this arse just sits around too long hahahaha
General Chatter / Re: Openmpt and SchismTracker file format issue!
« Last post by Fatarse on Yesterday at 15:45:18 »
Thats ashame , and I thought each tracker supported MT2 file format! I guess It was all a bogus lie! I guess it would be best to say it's not supported, rather than giving false hope! Oh well I shall continue playing these tunes in Madtracker. I see Madtracker still has value!!!!  As for the vst plugins it shows in openmpt as they can't be found!!!! Even if they are there !!!! Such a pain in the arse!!!! I don't give a flying fairy fart 💨 all care about is having something that works!

I will do more tests with this vst plugins fiasco!!!! As for MT2 I will use Madtracker for that file format!

Later Fatarse
General Chatter / Re: 14-bit MIDI controllers
« Last post by Fatarse on Yesterday at 15:31:55 »
Been too busy with work , had no time to scratch my arse! So can't give you any feedback!

In time I might! But until then, you will have to go alone!

Cheers 🍻 Fatarse!
Free Music Downloads / Re: [Demostyle] Fairytale (youtube)
« Last post by Louigi Verona on November 20, 2017, 17:10:46 »
Thank you, Chris!
Feature Request Archive / Re: Insert Instrument
« Last post by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER) on November 17, 2017, 10:34:21 »
Yeah, I'm sure ;-)
Help and Questions / Re: How do I export the DLS of a .IT file?
« Last post by Saga Musix on November 16, 2017, 19:30:12 »
There is no such feature, but Awave Studio can probably do it - at least with individual ITI instrument files. Note that such a conversion is always lossy, because IT instruments are very different from DLS instruments - for example, the envelopes are much more powerful than what DLS can offer.
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