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Thanks guys, neat solutions.
Help and Questions / I can't open tun files from LinPlug ChronoX2
« Last post by Jedinhopy on Today at 21:12:11 »
In Tuning Properties:

Open ModPlug Tracker
-Unable to import file "degung1.tun": unrecognized file.

Free Music Downloads / Re: [Ambient] Rain (mp3/MPTM)
« Last post by Saga Musix on Today at 21:05:54 »
Nice ambient track! :)
Free Music Downloads / Re: [Classic] Sinfonia 1 movement 4
« Last post by Saga Musix on Today at 20:53:22 »
Great work!
To use these plugins, you will either have to grab a test build which fixes the plugin bridge for those plugins, or you should just keep using the 32-bit version. Seeing that you are apparently making chiptunes, you really don't need to use the 64-bit version. As the download page says, you really only should be using it if you need the extra available RAM, or if you have lots of 64-bit plugins. The plugins you are using are 32-bit ones, so they have to be bridged, and bridging plugins will add a lot of latency. If this latency is too high, the sound will stutter. So in your case, there's really no advantage in using the 64-bit version.
Okay. Removing the plugin worked. The songs plays correctly once more!  ;D

But what if I want to use those plugins? Can I not use them anymore?
You have to go to the plugin selection dialog while the FX1-FX3 is focussedĀ“and then select "no plugin". Re-installing OpenMPT won't change anything as long as you don't uninstall it and remove mptrack.ini (or rename it). I think now would be a good point to upload your mptrack.ini to have a look at.
Is the output of OpenMPT's wave renderer identical to what can be heard in that snippet you recorded?
I don't know how to get rid of them. I've selected No Plugin on each of my channels, but as for my list of plugins in the main list for the song, I can't get rid of them from there.

I'll check on the 32-bit version, once I've installed it.

Also, this is happening with the buttons in the General Tab (see attachment)

The 32-bit version works, even with the plugin, but everything is grainy. It does not sound like the original song.

Sorry about locking the topic. Trial-and-error thing.

I'm going to try reinstalling OpenMPT, to see if that does anything...nothing.
Can you please verify whether you get the same problems with the 32-bit version? Removing the plugins should definitely get rid of the silence problem on x64. Remove them completely from the song or bypass them, everything else is not sufficient.
I tried it without plugins, and I got the same thing, and I am using the 64-bit version (nice rippling effect on your about screen, by the way).
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